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The next chapter in the Berge Sister’s series!

Warble Hall's been abandoned for 30 years, but class is still in session . . .

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Lacey Berge is torn. She’s been living at St. Agatha’s Boarding School for Girls ever since her dad remarried, distancing herself from her new family. But after she and her stepsister Cal’s adventure through the Neitherswarth, the two girls have never been closer. Lacey wants to embrace her new family, but would that mean betraying her late mother’s memory?


And if she weren’t stressed enough, Cal is coming to visit her at school! She wants to explore Warble Hall, an abandoned dorm on campus, before it’s torn down. Lacey agrees, unaware that the spirits of the building’s past still roam the ground, and not all of them are friendly.


Now the doors are locked, the ghosts are closing in, and the Berge Sisters only have until daybreak to escape before they become permanent residents of Warble Hall!

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