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The Berge Sisters Tour
the Neitherswarth
When Lacey said that she and her stepsister Cal were worlds apart, she didn't mean it literally!

Thirteen-year-old Lacey Berge is furious. Her dad's dragged her to her late great-uncle's mansion in the mountains of Vermont, and taken her stepsister Cal along for the ride. Lacey can't stand that little know-it-all, and nothing her dad can say or do will force them to bond.

But soon after the arrive, an emergency forces Lacey's dad to leave the girls on their own. When they take the opportunity to explore, they discover a secret lab and accidentally open a portal to another dimension, unleashing a horde of mischievous monsters into the mansion!

Can these reluctant siblings put aside their differences long enough to

get rid of the creatures before Lacey's dad gets back?

On sale now at your local bookstore and $4.99 on ebook!

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