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Cover of The Berge Sisters - The Stone Hollow Circle

The third chapter in the Berge Sisters series!

When Lacey and Cal travel to West Virginia to investigate an enigmatic artifact, they get more than they bargained for when they run afoul of a sinister group who might be harboring a very old (and very dark) secret!

Coming September 24th, 2024!

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Cover of The Berge Sisters - The Ghosts of Warble Hall.

An American Writing Awards winner for best children's fiction!

"A perfect read for spooky season!"

~Darcy Marks, author of Grounded For All Eternity

"An enchanting, spooky tale perfect for an autumn night. But it's also more than that. It's a tale of family, friendship, and everlasting bonds.

~Sally Atlas, The Indie Book Nook

"[...] A thrilling and terrifying supernatural fiction for young readers."

~Readers Choice Book Awards

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The Berge Sisters
Tourthe Neitherswarth

$8.99 at your local bookstore, $4.99 on ebook!

Small Spaces meets Goosebumps in this quirky and creepy romp through the macabre!

"This book is a lot of fun, filled with action, gross-out scares, and plenty of heart."

~Refe Tuma, author of The Frances Stenzel Series

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