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It's All Been Done, But Not By You!

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Hello, Once And Future Writers!

Does it ever stress you out, the idea that every story's already been told?

It's an old saying, and one that also happens to be true.

There are thousands (heck, hundreds of thousands) of novels about space pirates* out there already, so why bother writing yours?

I'll tell you why!

Drumroll, please...

Because it hasn't been written by you!

You may not believe it, but you have a unique perspective on the space pirate genre. It's molded from your background, your life experiences, and your values. The most famous space pirate novelist in the world (we'll call him C.B. Finklebottom) can't write them the way you can. Every novelist puts themself in their work, whether they mean to or not!

But Does this mean that every take on the space pirate genre is valid?"

Well... kinda-sorta?

Your space pirate opera might not have the same level of polish as C.B. Finklebottom's, which is why it's important to hone your craft. Make the good grammars! Sentence fragments bad! FinD a eDitor!


The point is that the world needs your unique voice, so don't be afraid to write the story that you want to write! As long as you're not ripping someone off directly, I guarantee your take will be a special one.

And hurry up, will ya? I can't wait to read it ^_^

*I get that some of you aren't ready for the space pirate genre, so feel free to replace it with your genre of choice. Underwater mummies? Valid! Botanist romance? You do you!

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